Aleppo Clock

I built this clock with love and the memory of a place, that some short time ago was full of life, love and peacefulness. I like to remember Aleppo as it was, it brings me hopefulness and appreciation for all the new places I get to experience. 


Hermle Mechanical Cock Movement - 271-053 114cm 

80 1/2” x 17 1/2” x 7 1/2”

Photos by Lance Patterson 



Wooden wall cabinet inspired by a stone distant building. The building is one of the beautiful historic stone buildings in Aleppo. The stone blocks are beautifully arranged, following different patterns, shapes and colors. Usually the block stones colors are white, yellow and black. They're hand carved, especially around the windows, which change from one window to another. I'm not an architect, obviously, but enjoyed staring at these details. 

So this one building I was inspired by is a traditional soap making khan. 

“Al-Sabun Khan, located in al-Madina bazaar, was built by the Mamluk Sultanate representative, Prince Izdamer in the late 15th century. The khan is unique in its intricate ornamentation, both geometric and organic. It is a preserved example of the detailed craftsmanship of the traditional Aleppine builder.” 

Link to UNESCO page on Aleppo if you're intrigued.